Who We Are

Clay County Helping Hands is an organization made up of dedicated volunteers who have a strong desire to make an impact in our local community, and is funded by gifts and donations from private individuals and groups.

In April of 2007 the Clay County Pastoral Alliance recognized a need in the community for an organization to care for the hungry and needy in this area. Several of the local pastors felt a burden to begin addressing this need through a non-denominational outreach center. To further this cause the pastors sought out members from their congregations who were willing to get involved and work in the program. In May of 2007 a core group of volunteers formed a non-profit organization and established a charter and by-laws as guidelines and operating procedures.

As we look to expand this ministry there is a definite need for more volunteers to get involved in this program. Currently we have 4 officers and board members who are actively participating, as well as the support of the members of the Pastoral Alliance. If you would like to become involved your efforts will be greatly appreciated! For more information email Bryan.

For more information on our goals and mission click here.

Angel Food Ministries provides groceries to low income families, (or anyone who wants to order), at reduced prices. Click here to view a menu and place your order.

Our Youth Outreach Team is available to assist those who need help with around-the-house projects such as mowing yards, stacking wood, painting, etc...