Our purpose

Clay County Helping Hands Goals and Purposes

1. Glorify God and show His love to the local community
2. Be a blessing to the people in Clay County who are in need of a little extra help in their lives
3. Be a blessing to the volunteers involved, and promote growth in the lives of those who want to reach out and help others

While we have a strong desire to offer "A Hand Up" to those who need it, we have no desire to make a bad situation worse by offering "a handout" to those who are not willing to help themselves. We do not wish to become another enabling entity for those who have been taught to look to others for their subsistence. This organization is supported solely by donations and volunteer efforts and we take the responsability that comes along with those donations very seriously.

Angel Food Ministries provides groceries to low income families, (or anyone who wants to order), at reduced prices. Click here to view a menu and place your order.

Our Youth Outreach Team is available to assist those who need help with around-the-house projects such as mowing yards, stacking wood, painting, etc...